Vote via SMS

During presentations your audience can vote via SMS. The advantage of it is that these days everyone carries a mobile phone with him/her. Your audience is waiting for your question and is ready to vote! 

Your audience can vote via SMS

Once with help of the PowerPoint plugin, open or closed questions are added to the presentation, the presenter can ask the audience to vote or react. During the actual presentation you have the flexibility to add extra questions on the spot. Besides the use of SMS, your audience can also use only Internet or Twitter or a combination of these three. Curious how it works? Download your free plugin and within seconds you are ready to go!

How does vote via sms work?

Before the slide with the actual question is being presented to the audience, first an explanation slide tells the audience to have their mobile phone standby. This explanation slide also explains how  your audience can cast their vote or how to give a reaction. This explanation slide is automatically generated and integrated in your PowerPoint presentation as soon as a question is added to the PowerPoint presentation. The presenter needs to go over it in order to ensure everybody understands it.

After the explanation slide, a second slide with the actual question and answer options appears. From now on your audience can vote and react by sending in their answer preceded by a short code. This short code is communicated on the explanation slide and is being generated as soon as you start your presentation. Once your audience votes, reactions come in instantly.

After the slide with the question, a third and last slide appears with the results. The results are automatically integrated. Optional you can ask your audience to continue sending in reactions while the result slide is opened. The dynamic of seeing results change contributes to a lively atmosphere. Experience it yourself and download your voting plugin for PowerPoint!

What are the costs of SMS votes and reactions?

Apart from the cost of sending a SMS, no additional costs nor third parties are involved. Payment only is needed for the actual PowerPoint plugin. These costs are being paid by the presenter or the organisation he or she represents. Your audience will never be charged for the use of the interactive voting system. Note that with an audience of up to 20, you can download and use the plugin for free!

What is the cost of the PowerPoint plugin?

The costs of a the PowerPoint plugin is based on the number of credits needed. One credit represents one day unlimited voting and reacting for one person in your audience. There are no additional installation-, license- or cancellation costs. Credits cost between €0.07 and €0.2 cents. Try this low cost tool with high impact yourself and download it for free!


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