Webinar | Live Online Explanation

Follow a Shakespeak webinar and get to know how to use Shakespeak on your own!

Shakespeak facilitates free webinars on the use of the tool within college. During a 60-minute online training, you will follow live actions from a Shakespeak team member on the screen. You can hear and see each other in the online Shakespeak classroom. After the training, you know how to cleverly use Shakespeak on your own!

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What to expect?

We’ll explain you both the practical- as well as the conceptual use of Shakespeak:

Setup Shakespeak

Once you’ve downloaded Shakespeak on your computer, you can add open- and multiple choice questions to your PowerPoint presentation. Once these questions are added, you can invite your students to respond through their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. We’ll also explain you how to operate extra functionalities like identifying your respondents, taking a survey or allowing your students to share vote results through social media.

Shakespeak in action!

Once you know how to operate Shakespeak, we’ll spend the last part of the training on how to effectively apply it within your college. In which form can you offer student interaction? What works and what doesn’t? Get inspired and feel ready for your first college in which all mobile devices can be switched on!


Please try to find a Windows computer in order to test our fantastic software.
If you don't have any windows machine or would like to keep updated if we have something working on a Apple leave your email below.

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