How to use Shakespeak

Download and Install Shakespeak Powerpoint Add-in

Shakespeak Add-in will allow you to create live votings, ask open-ended questions, demonstrate the results in your normal Powerpoint presentation slide and do a lot of other things.
Before you download the Add-in please read and accept Shakespeak Add-in EULA and General conditions of use.
Accept and Download


In this video we will give you a small introduction on how to use Shakespeak.

Please note that Shakespeak is the same as Sendsteps but focused on education.

Create a multiple choice question

Via the new Shakespeak toolbar in your PowerPoint, you can now add votes to every presentation. In the following tutorial we will explain you how to add a multiple choice question in your presentation.

Create an open ended question

Besides voting on questions, it is also possible to create slides via the plug-in that can receive messages from your audience. In the following tutorial we will explain you how to add an open ended question to your presentation.

You're Finished

Thanks for another interactive college!


Please try to find a Windows computer in order to test our fantastic software.
If you don't have any windows machine or would like to keep updated if we have something working on a Apple leave your email below.

Download the plug-in anyway