Help / FAQ’s

The Specifications

What do I need in order to use Shakespeak?
What is the advantage compared to voting devices?
In which countries can I use Shakespeak?
Is it possible to use Shakespeak on an Apple computer?
Can Shakespeak crash because of too many messages?

The Preparation

What is a keyword?
What is the difference between a free session and a credit session?
Can I setup Shakespeak slides into our corporate style?
Can I start a presentation that already contains votes?
Can I open a presentation from a USB stick?

My Audience

Which response methods can my audience make use of?
Can international phones submit responses to a local number?
Do participants pay for submitting messages?
How to instruct my audience to reply via Shakespeak?
Are the Shakespeak products case sensitive?
Are audience responses anonymous?

My Presentation

How many answers can you insert per statement/question?
How are votes processed into my presentation?
How long will it take before results are visible on the screen?
How will the results be displayed?
Is a minimum response rate required for showing results?
Can I show vote results at a later stage in my presentation?
Are results stored and can I share them afterwards?
Do I control the process of publishing answers on the screen?

Please try to find a Windows computer in order to test our fantastic software.
If you don't have any windows machine or would like to keep updated if we have something working on a Apple leave your email below.

Download the plug-in anyway