Steven Blom

Meet Steven Blom – Director

What’s your ultimate feeling of freedom Steven?

When driving on my Dutch bike in spring when it is warm enough to drive without your jacket and the wind blows in your back… so pedaling is almost not necessary. It reminds me to go with the flow and life will let you experience everything you like!

Who’s your role model for freedom of speech and why?

Martin Luther King, because he helped others to stand up and act for justice… The people, black and white, already believed that we all are created equal, but he gave the platform to speak up… with Shakespeak we have the dream to provide the tools to speak up and be heard while being at gatherings, small and large! Now is the time…

And your big dream of change for society with help of Shakespeak?

That everybody experience the positive vibe of speaking up and thereby making true contact to each other. This will create a open and transparent society where people can learn from each other to grow to their full potential.

Mike Coumans

Meet Mike Coumans – Director

What’s your ultimate feeling of freedom Mike?

Being at sea on a small sailing boat, far away from shore, you can’t see anything else but water. Breathing the air which already travelled for quite a while overseas and listening to the waves smashing against the boat. No worries, no nothing, just sailing the boat as fast as you can.

Who’s your role model for freedom of speech and why?

I’m not the person which has role models. Unfortunately there are little people which dare to say what their feelings are about things happening in this world. The human in its kind is way to afraid of showing there strengths and standing up for their thoughts. Lets find this strength and believe in what we feel!

And your big dream of change for society with help of Shakespeak?

Let people speak up and tell what is going on in their minds. I want to realise a change in hierarchical business cultures in which employees are afraid to speak up and say what they really think. Unfortunately this happens way too often and I see Shakespeak can help changing this.

Robert Daverschot - Marketing & Communications

Meet Robert Daverschot – Marketing & Communications

What’s your ultimate feeling of freedom Robert?

Ameland is one of the small Dutch Northern islands. Apart from three cows and five farms it has nothing. Every year I visit it for about a week. The best part? Walking via the beach from Hollum to Buren. Wind and water is all you face, an empty head and a hot chocolate my reward at the finish!

Who is your role model for freedom of speech and why?

Cheesy but true, Oprah Winfrey. Top example of “the American dream”. Raised in a poor black neighborhood and being abused during childhood. Now one of the most influential women on earth and an example for many black people, women and many others throughout the world.

And your big dream of change for society with help of Shakespeak?

Holland is known for it’s open culture and it’s freedom of speech. Not a given, but something that needs a continuous fostering and awareness. Although a number of countries show incredible economic development lately, some of them still restrict their people to speak up freely. For these governments I can only say: prepare, Shakepeak will be knocking on your door soon!

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